Daily lessons

There are lessons every week at Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9-5.
You have to announce your participation in advance, as the number of participants is limited, although less limited than it used to be. Rob Stemerding is assisting me for some time already, so that we can care comfortably for a few students extra.
Lunch is together, at our home, some 3 minutes walking from the workshop. We provide the basics, bread, butter, milk, tea for instance, while the guests are supposed to bring something more special now and then, for variation and to heighten the atmosphere.

Costs tend to be variable. There are students who come every week, but also who come now and then, and do a lot of work at home. Who comes regularly pays less.

There are 3 kinds of tickets:

  • 20 lessons for €620,00
  • 10 lessons for €408,00
  • 6 lessons for €275,00

The idea being that you finish your ticket within about a year.

This year's daily lessons end at June the 16th, and begin again at September the 5th.