The 5 day working week being for many of us reality, we decided to add about 12 weekends a year. You can also save on travelling by booking the preceding Friday, what makes a nice and compact three days of violin making.
The weekends are equally divided between the workshop in Makkum and the somewhat smaller, but snug and well-equipped workshop of Ernst-Jan de Koning in Boskoop, more or less in the middle of the Netherlands.
In Makkum we have a few beds available at €22,50 per night, incl. breakfast.
Please, apply as early as possible, for the number of participants is restricted and you will be admitted in the order of application.

The dates until summer 2019:

  • Makkum: 23-24 Februari, 6-7 April, 18-19 May
  • Boskoop: 16-17 March, 27-28 April, 15-16 June

Charges for a weekend are the same as for daily lessons. Please refer to that page for detailed information.

The dates until end 2018 will be published somewhere before September.